peanut sheller
The peanut sheller produced by our company

The peanut sheller produced by our company is an easy operated peanut sheller machine based on years' experiment and practice, capable of shelling 400, 800,1500, 2500, 3000 kilograms of raw.The peanut sheller requires 2.2, 4, 7.5, 11,15 kw power with different capacities to use, and can be matched with elevator for feeding material and peanut cleaner to remove the dust and impurities in raw materials.  The environmental protection peanut shelling system composed by peanut cleaner, feeding elevator and peanut sheller serve as a small combination of peanut shelling line. The peanut sheller accepts a wide range of nut sizes without adjustment. If necessary, adjustment is quickly and easily done. In addition,the life expectancy of the The peanut sheller machine is long .