Introduction of grain dryer

Grain dryer is used to dry material such as wheat, maize, paddy and other grain. The structure of grain dryer is compact. It includes feeding, circulation, and discharge combined with a lift. The advantages of our grain dryer is light weight and less area cover. The walk type grain dryer can move at the same time with drying material.

grain dryer
New product grain dryer

 Working principle of grain dryer
1) Putting the grain into the dryer machine.
2) The material is circulated orderly by the electric parts.
3) After the materials is separated everywhere. The hot air from the hot wind stove gets into the mixed-flow drying layer to across and heat the grain material. The air flows will take out the moisture of grain and the exhust gas will be took out of the grain dryer by the exhaust fan.
4) When the moisture reaching to the set value, the machine stops working.

grain dryer
The running grain dryer

Features of grain dryer
1) Use circulation drying method
2) No pollution
3) Drying fast
4) Good result grain dryer

raw material
Raw material of grain dryer

Model DY30 DY50 DY100 DY150
Capacity(t/d) 30 50 100 150
Heat  rate(wm) .015-0.6 0.25-0.6 0.5-1.2 0.75-1.8
Size(m) 4*2.5
Height(m) 5-7 6-8 7-12 9-15
Reduction of moisture(%) 3-10
Heating  medium Clean air