feed microwave dryer
Feed microwave drying equipment
Microwave drying equipment by using the principle of water molecules absorb microwave, the rapid movement of water molecules heat to evaporate moisture, the microwave drying equipment is mainly used in the feed powder and dehydration drying of granular materials, such as slag, sugar, animal feed, etc.

microwave feed drying machine
Microwave feed microwave drying machine
Applications of microwave drying equipment:
1. For drying granule and strip-shaped products in Food,Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry ;
2. Drying temperature: RT-140 degree C (adjustable)
3. Drying capacity: 10-500 kg/batch
4. Heat supply can be steam,electricity,hot water,hot oil and oil/gas/coal/biomass fired hot air generator.

microwave dryer
The installed microwave feed drying equipment
Working principle of microwave drying equipment:

DY seires single belt dryer is a continuous convection chamber dryer. After wet material is evenly spread over the drying belt, the moving belt transports the wet material through a drying chamber in which hot air is circulating. Hot air flow evenly penetrates through the wet material for heat transfer and carry away the evaporated moisture. When the wet material reaches the other end, it will be dried for discharging. The following picture shows how steam-heated single belt dryer works.
microwave drying machine
Microwave feed drying machines

Advantages of microwave drying equipment:
1. This  microwave drying machine is made up of stainless steel, healthy and durable.
2. High efficiency and energy conserving.High energy conversion efficiency, increasing heating speed.
3. Easy to operate, this  microwave drying machine is controlled by PLC. Microwave power and the conveyor belt's speed can realize stepless adjustment, there is no thermal inertia, could turn on or turn off at any time.
4.Drying and sterilization is done under low temperature, could utmost keep the material's nutrients, color and taste5. If you prefer, this machine could also be equipped with cooling system.

Spec DY-1.2-8 DY-1.2-10 DY-1.6-8 DY-1.6-10 DY-2-8 DY-2-10
Unit number 4 6 4 6 4 6
Belt width(m) 1.2 1.2 1.6 1.6 2 2
Drying section length(m) 8 10 8 10 8 10
Thickness of the material  (mm) 10-80
Temperature (℃) 60-130
Steam pressure (Mpa) 0.2-0.8
Steam Consumption Kgsteam  (kgH2O) 2.2-2.5
Drying strength (kgH2O) 6-20kg/m2h
Total power of blower ( kw) 3.3 4.4 6.6 8.8 12 16
Total power of equipment  (kw) 4.05 5.15 7.35 9.55 13.1 17.1

Many equipmwnts are no fixed parameters in particular, the concrete parameters can provide you according to customer's demand.


raw material of microwave drying machine
The raw materials of microwave feed drying equipment