Our company is committed to microwave energy for the promotion of new energy representatives, especially microwave drying, microwave heating, microwave sterilization and microwave chemistry and other aspects. Our Company adopts advanced microwave CAD technology, and realize to be truly efficient, energy-saving.

microwave dryer
Microwave dryer
Our microwave equipment is mainly used in the following industries:

The applications of microwave dryer:

Food industry:
Food drying, sterilization, preservation
Food vacuum drying, meat food sterilization, seafood drying, grilling, sterilization
Drying of agricultural products
Baking of dried fruit, peanut, soy flour

tunnel microwave dryer
Tunnel microwave dryer

Pharmaceutical  industry:

Sterilizing and drying of medical products, health products
Chinese herbal medicine drying ,insecticide and sterilization  
Sterilization of oral liquid
Trial, commercial microwave heating equipment

box-type microwave dryer
Box -type microwave dryer

Ceramic Industry:

Drying and degumming of various ceramics
Sintering and welding of small size ceramic
Drying the model of wax and plaster
Drying and hardening of ferrite products

tunnel microwave dryer
Tunnel microwave dryer
Agroforestry industry

Sterilization and disinfestation of organic fertilizer
Dehydration, sterilization and drying of fruits and vegetables
Drying and disinfestation of bamboo and wood products
Drying and expanding tobacco
tunnel microwave dryer
Tunnel microwave dryer

Environmental protection
Microwave sewage treatment(Induced oxidation)
Regeneration of chemical, pharmaceutical waste organic fertilizer
Microwave incinerate hazardous waste, Harmless treatment
Microwave physiotherapy

box-type microwave dryer
Box-type microwave dryer
Advantages of microwave heating:
1.Heating speed
Conventional heating firstly transfers heat to the surface of the material to be heated by using heat conduction, convection, thermal radiation ,then through the heat conduction to make the central temperature rise gradually. The heating speed is slow.
Microwave heating is an internal heating method, electromagnetic energy acts directly on media molecules,then converts into heat. In addition, microwave heating do not need to heat conduction. The heating speed if fast.
2.Evenly heating 
Regardless of the shape of microwave heating, the microwave dryer can permeate evenly and generate heat, thus greatly improves uniformity.
3.Energy Efficiency
Different materials have different absorption rates , the substance containing water readily absorb microwave energy. When heating, heating chamber is a closed cavity for electromagnetic wave . Electromagnetic waves can not leak and can be absorbed by the heating object , so thermal efficiency is very high. While the ambient temperature in the workplace will not increase. Production environment improved significantly.
4.Easy to control
Microwave power control is fully automated.
5.Clean and sanitary
Microwave thermal effect and biological effect can quickly insecticidal sterilization at lower temperatures, and maintain furthest the retention of nutrients and the original color, so the microwave heating has been widely used in the food industry.
6.Selective heating
Different material with different properties is different for microwave absorption loss. Selective heating characteristics, which are advantageous for the drying process.
7.Safe and harmless 
Our company uses advanced design, which make the feed opening, window, door, etc.microwave leakage be strictly controlled within national safety standards indicators. And microwave radiation are not radioactive, and no residue, nor harmful gas emissions, it is a very safe heating technology.

microwave dryer
Microwave dryer

Model Specification Power Dehydrating  amount Dimension
GSP-X100-05 box-type  100L 5kw 4.5kg/h 0.6*0.6*0.5
GXP-X1M-10 box-type  1m2 10kw 9kg/h 1.4*1.4*1.2
GSP-S6M-06 Tunnel  6m long 6kw 6kg/h 6*0.6*1.6
GSP-S10M-20 Tunnel  10m long 20kw 19kg/h 10*0.6*1.6
GMY-X18M-25 box-type  18m2 25kw 24kg/h 4.5*3.5*2
GMY-S15M-30 Tunnel  15m long 30kw 30kg/h 15*1.2*1.6
GTB-X20M-25 box-type  20m2 25kw 23kg/h 4.8*3.5*2
GTB-S30M-70 Tunnel  30m long 70kw 60kg/h 30*1.5*1.8
GES-X2M-10 Vacuum box-type 2m3 10kw 5kg/h 1.5*2.4*1.4