Microwave vegetable dryer is a new drying technology and have been widely used. Vegetables after microwave drying has attracted people of all ages in recent years. When eating, the dried vegetables taste not only delicious, but also maintain the original nutrients, fresh color. Besides, it is smaller than the volume of fresh vegetables, light weight, recover into the water, convenient transportation. We will introduce the detail of microwave vegetable dryer for you today.

microwave vegetable dryer
microwave vegetable dryer

There are two methods for drying vegetable:
   1.Traditional artificial method:heat artificially,requiring much time and effort.
   2.The newest method:microwave vegetable dryer,save both time and effort.
Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy with frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz, generated by magnetrons under the combined force of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other.
Microwave is a direct method of drying and sterilization. Energy is transferred through the material electro-magnetically, not as a thermal heat flux. Therefore, the effect of drying and sterilization is uniformity and process time is short.
microwave vegetable dryer
microwave vegetable dryer
The advantage of microwave vegetable dryer compare to conventional equipment:
   1. Mini size, light weight, easy mobile;
   2. Power is flexible, precise control;
   3. Non-contact infrared temperature measurement;
   4. Ring type blet conveyor, Intermittent and continous operation;
   5. PLC control, easy programme;
   6. Touch screen control, easy operate.

microwave vegetable dryer
microwave vegetable dryer

Microwave vegetable dryer suits for spinach, parsley, mushrooms, cassava slices, garlic, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, chilli, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onions, chives, etc.

microwave vegetable dryer

   The specifications of microwave vegetable dryer:

Microwave vegetable dryer also suits for food,fruit,medicine,spice,wood,paper etc . If you are interested in microwave vegetable dryer,please contact with us.