grain dryer
Grain dryer
Grain dryer is widely used in the field of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, and peanuts; we could provide different kinds of machines to meet the special need of clients. The structure of the grain dryer is very simple and easy to operate, which is very popular in the big farm, grain procure station, grain raiser. The grain dryer uses coal and straw as fuel, refrain the grain from pollution with small investments, and full automatic operation, which is suitable for the big or middle farm. The abandoned rice husk, firewood, straw, all of these can be used as the fuel materials, which save the expenses for coal or fuel gas , clean hot air for drying material without any pollution.
grain dryer
grain dryer
Tower grain dryer

raw materials
raw material
Raw materials

Technical parameters of tower drying machine

model DY-30
capacity(t/d) 30 MT/day
Primage 3%-5%
Wind temperature <120°C
Heat temperature 55(max)
envload 5100-6700 (kgH2o)
Coal consumption 25-180 kg/h
Host measurement 4*2.5 m
Host hight  5-7 m

grain  dryers
Grain dryer