grain dryer
The working grain dryer

The small capacity grain dryer is suitable for drying highly moist paddy, wheat, maize and soybean etc. on farms, at primary grain deposit and for integrated farming farmers. Even drying, quality of dried grain is maintained. Grains are free from pollution through indirect heating, clean air is heated through a heat exchange by fume generated burning of coal and stalks. Simple structure, small investment, low operation cost, easy operation and maintance.

grain dryer
The running grain dryer

The grain dryer of working principle:
       The grain which have been cleaned,send to the dryer tower by elevator,stockpiling on the storing grain prothole by dead-load,stop load material.Fire hot blast furnace,close draft fan cooling resist,open draft fan hot blast resist,open draft fan supply heat air.After one hour start the row grain cycle facility,the grain will be Uniform distribution cycle move,contact with hot blast then heater,the moisture of the grain will be discharge from inner to outer,till reach dryer requirement.Then open the below fast row grain hole make the grain out of the dryer.After finished dryer,High moisture grain,it is control the reduce moisture scope according to the requirement.Single tower cycle dryer is batch cycle,have dry and cooling functions design.Dual-tower combined type,composition by the heat-cool tower and Dual-tower.Tri-tower or Multi-tower combination,composition by plural heat tower and one cooling tower, it is continuation working type,it can be satisfied with different variety reduce moisture 0.5-6% for one time,if reduce moisture more than 7-20%,it will be reduce the capacity

grain dryer
The using grain dryer

Technical parameters of small scale stationary dryer:
Model DYHX30 DYHX50 DYHX100 DYHX150
Capacity(t/d) 30 50 100 150
Heat rate(wm) 0.15-0.6 0.25-0.6 0.5-1.2 0.75-1.8
Size(m) 4*2.5 4*2.5 4*2.5 4*2.5
Height(m) 5-7 6-8 7-12 9-15
Reduction of moisture 3%-10%
Heating medium clean air

raw materials
raw materials
The raw materials of grain dryer