Corn peeling machine belongs to the corn processing machinery. This corn peeling machine mainly includes the rack, the chassis, the feed hopper, the roller, the discharge hopper.

The corn is feeded into the roller room through the feed hopper, and the corn husk falls off by the roller's rotating, friction, extrusion and propulsion. Finally, Corn husk and corn cob being discharged from their respective outlet automatically.

Corn peeling machine
Corn peeling machine
The features of corn peeling machine:
1.The peeling rate can reach to 96–98%, broken rate is below 1%, loss rate is below 2%
2.Support the electric and diesel motor according to your requirements
3.Without break down the corn comb, very clean and easy;
4.Small size, high efficiency, easy to operate and mobile.
5.Very practical, Low position, inlet width input capacity;

Besides, We can also offer corn crushing machine and maize/grain dryer. If you need corn peeling machine,crushing machine and corn dryer, please feel free to contact us.