The Feature of the peanut sheller machine

1.Lower energy consumption ,
2. Compact design
3. Occupy smaller space
4. Easy to operate and maintanance
5. Lower broken rate
6. high quality and lowest price

6DYZD-3500 peanuts to complex bucket operation sheller
6DYZD-3500 peanuts to complex bucket operation sheller
This peanut shelling machine can move at will, and this peanu shelling machine is a machine unit which is full automatization .

Model 6DYZD-3500 peanuts to complex bucket operation sheller
Productivity(kg/h) ≥3500
Net  shelling  rate ≥98%
Kernel peanut-containing rate ≤0.6%
Kernel trash-containing rate ≤0.4%
Breakage  rate ≤4%
Loss  rate ≤0.7%
Damage  rate ≤3%
Matched  power 6(electrode) 7.5kw           4(electrode)1.1kw2sets
 2(electrode)7.5kw             2(electrode)4kw
Number  of  operators 3-4
Machine  Weight(kg) 1570
Dimensions(mm) 2850*5300*2820(L*W*H)