The description of peanut shell removing machine:
Peanut shell removing machine suitable for shelling the peanut/groundnut, separate the peanut into seeds and shell completely. Peanut shell removing machine is suitable for food processing industry and cooking oil processing industry.
peanut shell removing machine
High working efficient peanut shell removing machine

The working principle of peanut shell removing machine:
Power after starting, the spindle drive the parallel bars clicked under screen and amid the peanut shells rub them and strip off, then the below screen hole squeeze out the peanut and the shell, finally sorting out the shell and the kernel by the fan.

The features of peanut shell removing machine:
1.Peanut shell removing machine is used for shelling most kinds of peanuts
2. the conveyer part is effective and economical
3. Low breakage rate and smallest loss
4. High efficiency with low power consumption
5. Safe and easy operating
6. Easy repair and maintenance
7. Compact structure and beautiful shape
8. The seeds can be used for food or the raw materials for the oil plant
9. The shell could be as fuel