Usage of peanut shelling machine;
The peanut shelling machines are used for shelling the hard cover to get the peanut seeds and its hard cover, the seeds is used for the food or the raw materials for the oil plant; the cover could be pelleted for the fuel.

peanut hulling machine
Peanut shelling machine
Working principles of peanut shelling machine:

After the power of small peanut shelling machine is start, the spindle drive the parallel bars which is located under the screen and aim to the peanut or groundnut. Then the shell is rubbed with them and stripped off. The hole squeeze out the peanut and shell. Finally, the shell and peanut kernel is separated by fan.

Model 6DY-4500A  peanut sheller
Productivity(kg/h) ≥4500
Net  shelling  rate ≥98%
Breakage  rate ≤3.8%
Loss  rate ≤0.5%
Damage  rate ≤3%
Impurity  rate ≤2%
Matched  power 2 (electrode) 7.5kw
4(electrode) 7.5kw
Number  of  operators 2-4
Machine  Weight(kg) 1160
Dimensions(mm) 3010*1360*2820(L*W*H)