Peanut shucker machine  is newly developed and environmental protection equipment which is used to separate the peanut seeds and shell. It’s suitable for peanut or groundnut.

Peanut shucker can be applied to shelling peanuts/groundnut of different regions and varieties, separate peanut into  seeds and hull completely.
peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine

Peanut shucker machine is a medium processing machine, since into the market, feedback about this machine very well.It is easy to operate, high efficienct, low cost, and with good working performance.

Model 6DY-4000 peanut shucker
Productivity(kg/h) ≥4000
Net  shelling  rate ≥98%
Breakage  rate ≤3%
Loss  rate ≤0.5%
Damage  rate ≤2.8%
Impurity  rate ≤2%
Matched  power 6 (electrode) 11kw
2(electrode) 11kw
Number  of  operators 2-4
Machine  Weight(kg) 1510
Dimensions(mm) 2990*1600*3290(L*W*H)