corn sheller
The installed corn sheller
1.corn sheller is consist of frame,hopper,roller and discharging mouth.

2.Feed dried corn cob into roller room through hopper, then it to be rotating,friction,extrusion and propulsion, to be shelling.

3.Decade-long product service life and stable performance.

4.“Cooperation for mutual benefits”, and sincerely provide you with high quality products and reasonable price.

corn sheller
The using corn sheller

Features of corn sheller:
1.The corn sheller can separate the corn from the corn body with complete corn core.
2.The corn sheller is compact designed and can clearly separate the corn from the corn body, throw the corn at the same time,   save labor and time.
3.The corn sheller machine has a high capacity,driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

Technical parameter of 5DY-260 corn sheller:

Model  Unit 5DY-260
Overall size Mm 600*310*670
Total weight(with power) Kg 23
Rotary speed  R/min 1400
productivity Kg/h 500-600
Breakage rate    <0.1%

corn shelling machine]
The running corn sheller

corn sheller
The installing corn sheller

corn after shelling
Corn after shelling