corn grinding machine
The running corn grinding machine

Our corn grinding machine is also called the maize flour milling machine, corn mill machine,it is a kind of agricultural machinery which we can process Corn kernels into grits, corn flour, corn grain ; Small type of corn grinder can be driven in a single-phase motor ( household 220 v voltage),large size can be driven by three-phase voltage .Different types, different production, and the motor size is also different , so a variety of models for your choice.
corn grinding machine
The installed corn grinding machine

The structure of corn grinding machine:

This corn grinding machine mainly has the body, the cover, the machine rotor assembly, screen, feed device, frame and so on six parts, body and rotor assembly together form the crushing chamber, rotor assembly room main working parts, materials of shattered in the crushing chamber complete.When the material entered into the crushing chamber, in the round and flat part of the tooth gear fault strike and knead into effect, broken into a fine powder quickly and plasma shape, and air flow in the centrifugal force function, through the sieve hole discharge from the mouth., and the motor size is also different , so a variety of models for your choice.

the parts of corn grinding machne
The small parts of corn grinding machine

Corn Grinding machine Parameter:

Model DY-160
Voltage 220V/380V/50HZ
Motor(kw) 1.5
Capacity(kg/h)(sieve size 1mm) 75
Diameter of Rotator(mm) 160
Dimension(cm) 44×36×40
Weight(kg) 160

corn after grinding
The final products of corn grinding machine