Corn mill grinder machine introduction:
1.Doing series corn mill grinder machine can crush all kinds of raw materials, such as corn, maize, beans, peanut, sweet potato and other kinds of grains .We have many model this type corn mill grinder machine with different capacity.
2.Corn mill grinder machine structure is rational, durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, convenient operation, anti vibration effect is small.
3.It is applicable to the various animal feed factory alone or supporting the use.
 corn mill grinder machine
Corn mill grinder machine
The corn mill grinder machine working principle:
This corn mill grinder machine contains some rotors which are mounted by many hammers. The hammers swing following with the rotor at a high speed. And then the materials fed into a feed hopper are shred by the hammers. At last the materials are expelled out and sieved by the exhaust fanned screen. 

Corn mill grinder machine tips:
1. Before starting the corn mill grinder machine, run it manually to see if there is something blocking and if any of the tightening parts is loose, make everything in normal condition
2. Often check lubrication condition in the bearing and oil in time.
3. If you are sure of the condition to start the corn mill grinder machine, have a short time starting to examine the direction of the belt to avoid turning reversely.
4. After starting and before charging, let the corn mill grinder machine run for one or two minute without load. It is forbidden to charge before starting machine.
5. Normally this machine can work continuously. If there appears any abnormal sound, stop the machine at once, check and repair.
6. Operator should wear safety helmet when at work.