The corn threshing machine is popular both in farm and factory after they harvest corn and it can thresh varies sizes corn.this corn machine has small size and movable,light weight,but high production yield.shelling clean with good kernels.the maize threshing machine can be driven by diesel or electric motor. it is the most popular hammer throwing type equipment which is the best sale in the market. the maize threshing machine shell the corn without breaking is very suitable for home use or industry to process corns.

corn threshing machine
The running corn threshing machine

The main structure of the corn threshing machine has stander frame,feeding hole,rollers,discharging hole and so on.when corn goes into the corn threshing machine,the rollers rotates,friction, Extrusion and propulsion to remove the kernels from the corn cob,because the roller is made of rubber, the kernels will not be broken,this type is just single threshing machine,do you want a combination corn peeler thresher machine,which can peel and thresh at same time.
corn threshing machine
New product corn threshing machine

features of corn threshing machine

1.Corn threshing machine runs stable,easy operation,small size and easy maintenance

2.The corn threshing machine has high yield,and thresh very clean.

3.The hammer roller of the machine is made of resistant materials

4.The corn threshing machine can be driven by electric motor,diesel engine motor, or small size tractor

5.Adopting hammer roller for threshing with no damage of kernels and corn cob.

corn threshing machine
The running corn threshing machine

Data of maize threshing machine

Model DY-500 DY-1000 DY -1500 DY -2500
out dimension
700*650*800 750*650*820 750*650*850 850*650*880
30 30 40 50
1.5 2.2 3 3
≤500 ≤1000 ≤1500 ≤2500