peanut combine harvester
The installed corn combine harvester

Characters of corn combine harvester:

1. Mechanical linkage control clutch

2. Full hydraulic steering system for flexible and convenient control

3. The 4 wheel brake system makes it safer

4. Two pieces of curve blade with one piece of straight blade in the middle to achieve more efficient straw returning.

corn combine harvester
The using corn combine harvester

Feature of corn combine harvester

1: Corn combine harvester can use without removing the corn skin to avoid the high losing rate of corn kernel.

2:Corn combine harvester can collect the corn directly andput into stock after hareveter.

3:Corn combine harvester  for corn can cut corn stalk at the same time as refertilizer.

4:Corn combine harvester can discharge the harvested corn automatic , and if the corn is dry , the corn skin almost remove when harvesting , when the corn is fresh , the corn skin will not remove this to avoid damage corn kernes.

corn combine harvester
The driving corn combinr harvester

Parameter of  corn combine harvester:

Model DY-ACH
Power >18HP tractor
Hargesting line 2
Suitable like spacing 450-700MM
Capacity 3-5mu/h
Stalk cutting size 50mm
Corn losing rate <3%
Corn kernel Breakage <1%
Stalk cutting height <60mm
Worker needed 1-2 person
Discharging Auto discharge