Groundnut harvester machine is very convenience for farming corn. Groundnut harvester machine mainly consist of cutting platform, helical conveyor, lift conveyor, grain box, straw chopper, hydraulic system, drive system, machine frame and so on. Groundnut harvester machine is the perfect combination of few years' practice and the latest technology.

groundnut harvester machine
Groundnut harvester machine

Features of groundnut harvester machine:

1.Picking corn ear and cutting up corn stem complete at one time, achieve the purpose of straw returned.

2.This machine belongs to energy-saving type,only supporting with 18-30 power to be achieve easily operation.

3.Multi usage, deft and agile.the combined harvester have to support with small tractor kit use, remove the tractor can do other work.

4.The work efficiency is higher, can reach 3-5 acre per hour.

The running groundnut harvester machine
The running groundnut harvester machine

   This groundnut harvester machine is made up of :

1, traction frame assembly 2, gearbox assembly 3, pressure belt wheel assembly  4, shaking soil device  5, coveying active wheel  6, reorganization ridge device  7,land wheel unit  8, tensioner wheel assembly  9, transportation chain assembly  10, transports the driven wheel  11, excavation shovel assembly  12, limit deep wheel assembly  13, latter presses the earth roller 14, first presses earth roller 15, dial seedlings roller 16, cut grass plate.

groundnut harvester machine
Groundnut harvester machine

Model 4DY-105 4DY-120 4DY-140 4DY-160 4DY-182
Overall dimension(mm) 1860*1030*1030 2560*1200*860 3300*1700*1100 3300*1900*1100 3300*2100*1100
structure type Rear-suspend
matched power(hp) 28-35 40-60 60-80 90-100 100
working efficiency(mu/h) 1-2 2-3 4-6 6-8 8-10
weight(kg) 280 340 590 720 840
max. digging depth(mm) 120 120 120 120 120
digging type digging shovel type
working width(mm) 1050 1200 1400 1600 1820
working speed(m/s) >0.5 >0.6 >0.7 >1 >1.2