Self-propelled maize harvesting machine is the unique maize harvesting machine in China, the techniques that is entitled to manufacture it. We have lots of patents and certificates of the self-propelled maize harvesting technology.

self-propelled maize harvesting machine
self-propelled maize harvesting machine
Main Advantage:
1. Self-propelled machine, hydraulic step-less speed adjustment
2. Cutter bar hydraulic control lifting, good suitability of height and row spacing
3. Huge grain tank, hydraulic control turning, high efficiency and save time
4. Compact structure, advantages of agility, lower loss and impurities
5. Stalk cutting back to the field meets customer’s requirements
6. Equipped with reversing radar, improve the driving safety
the maize harvesting show
the maize harvesting show

We are professional manufacturer of the self-propelled maize harvesting machine over 30 years in China. The maize harvesting machine can separate the cob from the stalk, clean the cob, transport the cob into the hopper and  unload the hopper of the trailer at one time.

Technical Specification of the Maize Harvesting Machine

Model 4DY-2Knapsack corn harvester 4DY-3 Knapsack corn harvester self-propelled corn harvester
Power 18-28HP ≥35HP 65HP
Harvesting line 2 3 3
Line spacing(cm) 50-80 55-70 40-70
Capacity 3-5h/ha 2-4h/ha 1-2h/ha
Outer size(mm) 4500*1300*2650 5500*1800*2500 5000*1860*3000
Corn losing rate ≤2%
Weight(kg) 600 1000 1400

the working maize harvesting machine
the working maize harvesting machine