Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Introduction

This corn harvester is a kind of small harvester mainly used for harvesting corn cob and maize cob with or with out husk, which can be selectable. And it is very convenient for corn harvesting farm work. It is the unique corn harvester in China and only our factory has the techniques that is entitled to manufacture it. We have lots of patents and certificates to prove its high quality.

corn harvester
New corn harvester

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Features

1. The harvester can reap two rows of corn and is a combine harvester, realizing corncob picking, (stripping), conveying, assembling, uploading and straw smashing.
2. Corn picking and straw crushing can be done simultaneously, so no corn staw being flattened by wheels.
3. It is a post-open type corn harvester with multi-functions; the first choice for small corn plot harvesting.
4. Low labor intensity due to its fully hydraulic process of header lifting and corn discharging.
5. Reasonable structure with small turn radium, wide visual field for the driver, flexible operation.
6. Great adaptability, high durability, low power consumption, high efficiency, good performance, safe operation, easy maintenance and small investment.
7. This machine has won a leading position in domestic and abroad corn harvesting machinery field and can satisfy the requirements of different users.

two row corn harvester
Two row corn harvester

Two-row Self-propelled Corn Harvester Safe Operation

1. Make a survey of roads and fields before operation to sign the dangerous areas and barriers.
2. Maintain the harvester after shutting off the power; the header should be lifted and should be supported for stability by the safety stand or the heel block.
3. When discharging the corn, no putting in the corncob storage bin with hands or other tools.
4. The header should be lifted to the highest and locked when do the transfer to other fields; no carrying products by the header.
5. Check if the driver seat is firm and safe.

Two row corn harvester
Two row corn harvester

Model 4DY-2
Type 4*2 Wheel tyre  Self-propelled  whole-feeding
Power 48 kw   65hp  
Available row 2 rows
Row spacing 450-750 mm
Cutting width 1350 mm
Working Productivity 3-5 mu/h   0.2-0.34 Hectare/h   
Oil consumption ≦30 kg/ Hectare
Grain tank 1.8 m3
Maximum Unloading grain height 1.4 m
Unloading grain  Hydraulic, unloading in side
Minimum ground clearance 250mm
Cutting platform lift and down Hydraulic
Stubble height ≦80 mm
Raceme loss rate ≦1%
Grain broken rate ≦1%
Straw shredding qualification rate ≥90%
Shelling rate ≥95%
Total loss rate ≦3%
Dimension (L×W×H) 5300 x 1650 x 2850 mm
Weight 2500kg
Package 2 sets/40ft HQ