1, check the lubrication situation of the soybean oil presser after the machine work for 50 hours, to assure the oil cup of the reducer gear not lack oil,
2, Soybean oil press run of the oil parts should be to prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities, every year to check soybean crushing machine deceleration box of oil quality. It is found that the deterioration of oil should be replaced.
3, When soybean oil presser oil yield is low, or cake come from the presser, you should take out the squeezer shaft and check whether the squeezer shaft was drawn out, or need to replace the wearing parts.
4, At the end of each shift, should clean the residual cake in the soybean oil presser, clean the surface dust and grease.
5, After the end of the production season before the presser is stored, there should be one maintenance, dismantle the presser squeezer, pressing bar and the cake circle, then clean and store the soybean oil presser in a dry place.

soybean oil presser
Daily Maintenance of soybean oil presser