The corn production world achieves a new height. At the same time, our corn peeling machine sales are increasing with high-yield corn.

During the harvest season, the labor shortage and the high cost of employee leads corn harvesting to a problem. Therefore, the processes of peeling corn generate the demand for the using of machinery. The production and sales of corn peeling machines are growing with double-digit from 2004.

Corn peeling machine mainly includes the rack, the chassis, the feed hopper, the roller and the discharge hopper. The corn is feeded into the roller room through the feed hopper, and the corn husk falls off by the roller's rotating, friction, extrusion and propulsion. Finally, corn husk and corn cob being discharged from their respective outlet automatically.

corn peeling machine
corn peeling machine

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We hope this corn peeling machine can be your good helper with saving time and labor. If you are interested in our corn peeling machine, any comments please feel free to contact us.