corn flour making machine
High quality corn flour making machine

The safe production is very important in the corn flour making process. Doing company will introduce the basic tips for the corn flour making machine .
1.Make small daily examines and big year examines for the equipments, the maintenance and repair is the foundation of the safe production.
2.Make maintenance notes and set the separated fund, this way the service life of the corn flour machine can be increased.
3.Take proper corrosion protection measures for the equipments, disinfection and sterilization are essential either, any kind of pollution from the machine must be avoided in the food production.
4.Offer more trainings to the workers, improve their safety awareness and the operation skills, make the safe operations becomes a habit of your workers.
Doing company is a professional corn flour making machine supplier, if you want to know more of the safe production tips, feel free to contact us!