Grain dryer is only developed industrial drying equipment in recent years , mainly to solve the problem of China's grain drying. Our country is the largest producer of grain, food make contributed for the process of modernization industrial production from natural drying to industrial drying, it is also need to constantly improve during the course of using grain dryer. such as: strengthening grain drying process to ensure post-bake food quality and reduce energy consumption and the costs. So what's the problem of China's grain dryer facing?

1, the capacity of grain dryer's production must be large.

2, design of high-performance grain dryer cycle.

3, semi-automated operation or mechanization in the process of food supply and dry.

4, high-temperature rapid drying for high-moisture grain in large quantities.

5, research clean burn coal  dryer  is the main direction.

6, rural food dryer will be multi-functional, compact, flexible, simple, inexpensive, and to ensure the quality of food supply after.

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